See Hear Podcast Episode 36 - Yellow Submarine

December 21, 2016 @ 5:43 am

As John Lennon would have said, Merry Krimble. It’s December 2016, and the See Hear podcast celebrates its third anniversary with a fireside chat about an iconic piece of animation.

Tim, Bernie and Maurice are joined by host of the Macca-dedicated podcast Paul Or Nothing, Sam Whiles (who was also the co-host of the Down In The Hole podcast dedicated to Tom Waits). They chat about the 1968 full length animated feature, Yellow Submarine, a nautical fantasy about some obscure pop group called The Beatles (YAY) travelling in the titular transport to rid an idyllic land of music-hating villains (BOO). The film was not only successful in its day, but went on to influence a bunch of other storytellers and animators (we’re sure Terry Gilliam was one).

It was an engaging conversation, not least of which because there was not a common consensus on the merits of the film. Who said what? Tune in and find out before the Blue Meanies put the Apple Bonkers onto you.

Many thanks to Sam for taking the time to join us and even put on a Paul McCartney impersonation for the crew’s amusement at one point.

We’d like to thank anyone who listened to us over the year. We will continue to present shows to you through 2017…you have been warned.

Also, please consider giving a listen to the companion episode to this one. Maurice interviews Mitch Axelrod (Fab 4 Free 4 All podcast) about the King Features cartoon series dedicated to the fab four.

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