See Hear Bonus Episode - Interview with Mitch Axelrod about the Beatles TV Cartoon series

December 19, 2016 @ 3:29 am


Hey there See Hear listeners,


We have two episodes of the show being released this week. Episode 36 will concentrate on a discussion of the full length 1968 Beatles animated feature, Yellow Submarine.


Today, however, to complement that episode, we present to you an interview Maurice had with author of the book “Beatletoons”, Mitch Axelrod. There are hundreds of Beatles related books covering music analysis, biographies, their professional day to day diary, tours, gossip and even description of what equipment they used (specific amplifiers, guitars, drumkits, etc). Mitch has written the only book about the creation and background behind the very successful weekly King Features cartoon TV show devoted to the Beatles.


Mitch was very happy to talk about how the cartoons came about, how the animated figures actually moved like their real-life counterparts, (but their voices sounded nothing like the real thing), why the cartoons are never likely to be officially released by Apple on DVD, and sixties cartoons in general. He’s a knowledgeable and funny guest, and it was See Hear’s huge honour to have him on the show.


Don’t forget to look for Episode 36 in a few days.


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