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See Hear podcast Episode 9 - Allegro Non Troppo

September 19, 2014 @ 4:45 pm

Finally, the whole crew are back for episode 9 of See Hear.

This time around, we discuss “Allegro Non Troppo”, Bruno Bozzetto’s 1976 parody / tribute to Fantasia. The live action (in black and white) features a sadistic conductor and an artless producer gather an orchestra of old women (brought in on a cattle truck) and an animator (taken from a prison in solitary confinement) to create something never done before – animation set to classical music – a shame that someone called Prisney or Grisney claims he’s done it before. The cartoons range from funny and mocking to heart-breakingly sad.  We are treated to tales of evolution, capitalism, lust, Adam and Eve, conformity….and a Cossack dancing gorilla. There’s elements of Python, Fellini and the Marx Brothers. Tune in and hear our thoughts. 

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