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See Hear podcast episode 6 - Good Vibrations

June 22, 2014 @ 10:25 pm

Scheduling issues unfortunately meant Wendi, Tim and Sticky couldn’t join in to record Episode 6 of See Hear Podcast this month. However, we at See Hear HQ didn’t want our listeners to be deprived of a music related film discussion, nosiree Bob!!!

I put out the call to the See Hear Facebook community, and Hank Hellman answered the call. Hank joined me to discuss the Northern Irish film from 2012 Good Vibrations. This covers the true story of Terri Hooley through the Seventies. In the midst of The Troubles in Belfast, Terri attempts to stop the violence between the local youth by opening a record store called Good Vibrations and by promoting local punk bands. THAT’S why we don’t have more peace in the world – too many record stores closing down!!! If this was presented as a work of fiction, you’d never believe someone would attempt it.

Directed by Lisa Barros D’sa and Glenn Leyburn, and starring Game of Thrones’ Richard Dormer (who portrays Hooley brilliantly), this film is a great representation about one man’s belief in the power of music to change people’s lives without ever getting sloppy or sentimental. Hooley is far from perfect, but you can’t help but like him and what he’s trying to do.

I really enjoyed chatting with Hank on his debut podcast appearance. I truly hope it’s far from his last. He’s a great conversationalist, and has much insight into the film Give the show a listen, and encourage Hank to do some more.

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