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See Hear podcast Episode 12 - Beware of Mr Baker

December 16, 2014 @ 5:35 am

It’s official. See Hear podcast is now one year old. Bernie, Wendi, Tim and Maurice have survived the jungle out there that is Podcastland. It’s a cutthroat and vicious environment, but we’ve survived to bring YOU the music film discussion we just know you crave.

So the crew humbly delivers their first anniversary episode for you to dig on. Well……Maurice wasn’t available, but Bernie, Tim and Wendi carried on regardless to discuss the 2013 documentary directed by Jay Bulger, “Beware of Mr Baker”, directed by Jay Bulger. Ginger Baker was a force of nature in the drumming world. He was admired for the extra helping of drum talent nature had provided him with, but this is not a man who puts up with nonsense – and his bullshit detector is up higher than most. It could be said that his bottle with the milk of human kindness went rancid before he had a chance to drink it. Tune in as the gang discusses Ginger’s life, how the director put his life in danger interviewing him, and whether the scientific evidence that all drummers are crotchety old bastards is accurate (NONSENSE….AND I’LL THRASH ANYONE WHO SAYS OTHERWISE).

We would like to thank anyone who tuned in over the year, and to Hank Hellman and Dave Mclemore for helping us out with their contributions to the show.

Our resolution over 2015 is to include listener picks as part of the films we discuss. Send us an email to seehearpodcast@gmail.com with your suggestions.

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You can download the show at seehear.podbean.com or subscribe to “see hear podcast” at iTunes. If you have an app like Podcast Addict, you can subscribe to us that way to. Find any way you can to tune in, and we will do our best to entertain you.

Happy Channukah / Christmas / Festivus or Humbug Day.

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