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See Hear Podcast Episode 18 - The Apple

June 25, 2015 @ 3:24 am

Hey Hey Hey….See Hear’s on it’s way!!!!

Wendi, Tim, Sticky and Maurice have gathered together for episode 18 of See Hear to chat about the 1980 film from Menachem Golan, The Apple. The film is both reviled and adored. Everyone agrees it ain’t Citizen Kane. Two naïve singers from Moosejaw, Canada are tempted into a recording contract with the mightiest music company in the world BIM…..which aims to rule the world!!!!!

The team discusses the script, the plot developments, the songs, the dancing, the costumes… did they cope with all that “talent”? The film incorporates Biblical themes, George Orwell, Time Bandits, Phantom of the Paradise, Rocky Horror, Hair, Jodorowsky, and Fellini (yes, you read those last two words right!!!!) This film even has possibly the most gratuitous groping in the history of cinema. You have been warned!!! One thing we all agreed on was that discussing this film was a lot of fun....we hope you enjoy listening to it.

But wait……there’s more!!! Justin Oberholtzer (aka The Cinemasoschist) sent us in a recording of HIS thoughts on the film, so you’ll get his perspective as well. Welcome back to podcasting, Justin.

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