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See Hear podcast Episode 13 - Air Guitar Nation

January 18, 2015 @ 4:05 pm


Happy 2015, everyone. See Hear podcast is back for its second year, and we hope you join us for what should be a great year of music-film discussion.

Episode 13, our first episode for the year has Wendi, Tim, Bernard, and Maurice discussing a documentary (or is it?????) from 2006 directed by Alexander Lipsitz called “Air Guitar Nation”. The film follows the fortunes of a group of (mainly) young men who seek to be crowned the world champion of playing air guitar - and restore American pride!!!!!. You read that right!!! These are people who want to be the best at pretending to play the guitar. Is it performance art or are they merely making the world stage into their bedroom? Are the performers and their audiences doing this with a wink and a smile or are they taking this seriously? How does one actually judge what makes a great air guitar player? What is Tim’s description of what some of these air guitarists actually look like they’re doing? Download the show, and get the answers to all of these questions. One thing is for sure – we had a brilliant time recording the show for your aural pleasure. Dig It.

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