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See Hear Podcast Episode 71 - Round Midnight and Bird

February 2, 2020 @ 4:48 pm

Hey See Hear kats and kittens,
If you've been following the group facebook page or listened to the recent 5 minute announcement, you'd have heard that See Hear is on hiatus until April 2020....which is true insofar as we won't be recording anything new until then.



Back in 2013, 6 months before Tim, Wendi, Bernie and myself officially started See Hear, the amazing hosts of The Gentlemen's Guide to Midnite Cinema, Will and Sammy (and Todd before he knew he was a host), kindly permitted us to record a bonus episode of the GGTMC (bringing class to the trash since 1977) to talk about a couple of jazz films from the eighties and put it on their feed. Those films are Round Midnight (1986) by director Bertrand Tavernier, and Bird (1988) from Clint Eastwood. We are indebted to the generosity of spirit of these fine gents, for this was the seed that gave way to us starting See Hear. 

The lineup for the episode is myself, Tim and the wonderful film and jazz enthusiast, Rodrigo Obon, a (then) regular contributor to the GGTMC community.

If you're wanting your music film discussion fix, dig into these archives and hear what we have to say about these slices of jazz cinema. Being a very early podcast recording experience, I apologise that it's not in the style of editing we grew into, but hopefully the discussion is groooooooooooovy enough. Dig It!!!



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