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See Hear Podcast episode 70 - Interview with Shaun Katz about Underground Inc: The Rise And Fall of Alternative Rock

November 27, 2019 @ 8:40 am

After the production excess of many mainstream records of the eighties, the winds of musical change came blowing through into the nineties. Sure, the eighties had bands relying on drums, bass and guitar with no embellishment, but when Nirvana’s first record for a mainstream label made them a household name, thousands of musicians felt they now had a chance to find an audience.

…….and the big labels decided they had something new to sell.


Welcome to episode 70 of See Hear Podcast.


Bernie was absent, but Tim returns to the show after a sabbatical to join Maurice to speak with Sydney-based director Shaun Katz about his new film Underground Inc: The Rise and Fall of Alternative Rock. Shaun travelled around America speaking to a plethora of bands including the likes of Handsome, Cop Shoot Cop, and Failure among many others. They recall the days post-Nevermind when the music was new and vibrant. However, Shaun’s film also tells the cautionary tale of when capitalism, via the major labels, dictated the terms of the revolution….which certainly was televised. Bands signed Faustian pacts to achieve success, but soon found at what cost. The film, as implied by its title, is as much about the business pitfalls as it is about the music.


We thank Shaun for joining us to talk about his great film, and a fascinating time in recent music history


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