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See Hear Podcast episode 68 - Heavy Trip

September 24, 2019 @ 11:22 pm

If I said that See Hear Podcast episode 68 featured a discussion about a film with dark heavy metal, killer wolverines, vikings, projectile vomit, dug up corpses, crushed reindeer bones, and splattered reindeer blood, and then told you it was a really sweet film, would you believe me?


You should because every part of that description is true.

Once again, Tim is on sabbatical, so Bernie and I are joined by the amazing and colossal Mike McBeardo McPadden. He is the author of a revered tome called Heavy Metal Movies, so we at See Hear HQ figured he was a perfect choice to join us for a discussion of 2018 Finnish film, Heavy Trip (aka Hevi Reissu). A metal band in a small town in Finland have been practicing in their parents' basements for 12 years, and have never found the courage to leave it....until a chance meeting with the organiser of a Norwegian metal festival. The four friends decide to leave the confines of their backward thinking town to find their community....with wacky hijinks ensuing.


The discussion swerves all over the place like a drunken (possibly vengeful) reindeer on a country road. Ultimately, was this a successful film? Download the show and hear our thoughts. You can find Heavy Trip on Amazon Prime or Kanopy.


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HUGE thanks to Mike for joining us. You can get his books Heavy Metal Movies and Teen Movie Hell from or order it at your bricks and mortar bookshop. He also tends to the Facebook page for Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast (featuring previous podcast guest, Frank Santopadre). Mike is a mentsch, and will be back for future episodes.


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