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See Hear Podcast episode 67 - Interview with Kevin Poore, director of “Longplaying”

August 20, 2019 @ 3:28 pm

Remember during the eighties when compact discs became the new church? Record sales slumped and new items were hardly manufactured or stocked. In the 21st century, technology in most areas have advanced (for better or worse) in ways unimaginable in the dying years of the 20th…..but people have rediscovered the “platters that matter”, and records are “in” again.


Welcome to episode 67 of See Hear Podcast.


Kevin L .Poore is the host of the terrific music discussion podcast, Nights At The Sound Table. He’s turned his hand at film directing and is releasing a great new documentary called Longplaying. This film is a love letter to the medium of records. He spoke to many musicians, record label owners, collectors, academics, and music fans about what drives their passion for records. The film is broken up into sections, each representing an album track. There are digressions that represent the silence in between album tracks.


Tim was absent, but Sticky and I had a great conversation with Kevin about the film, records vs compact discs, love of music, and a ton of related issues. We maaaaaaaayyyyy even go to some controversial places that the “of course, vinyl is better” mantra chanters may not like. Our huge thanks to Kevin for being such a great guest. He’s made a terrific film that all music lovers should see…..the See Hear page will keep you informed of when it’s available for streaming or a screening near you.


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