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See Hear Podcast Episode 63 - Lords of Chaos

April 22, 2019 @ 12:14 am

It's time for episode 63 of See Hear....though maybe we'll dub it episode 666.


Maurice is absent this month, but Bernie and Tim asked Jimi LaMort, the vocalist for Ontario-based metal band Malhavoc, to join them for a discussion of 2018 film Lords of Chaos.


Jonas Akerlund directed this biopic based on the story of the Norwegian Black Metal band Mayhem and the infamous church burnings committed by their bassist Varg Vikernes. This is a tale of murder, arson, cannibalism and other pleasantries. The film has not been well received in some metal circles for the liberties it takes with the truth (some have called it metal's equivalent of Bohemian Rhapsody). 


Bernie, Tim and Jimi discuss whether the film works in its own right despite the liberties, who it was probably aimed at, and their own memories of the era. See Hear wants to thank Jimi for coming in to talk about a scene he has strong recollections of.


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