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See Hear Podcast Episode 61 - Interview with Paul Elliott, director of “The Library Music Film”

February 19, 2019 @ 4:55 pm

Chances are very strong that some library tunes are amongst your favourites….and you may not even be aware of it. Library music has been used in TV, film or advertisements, and is written and performed before there is even a requirement for it….a soundtrack looking for a movie.


Welcome to episode 61 of See Hear Podcast.


Shawn Lee, Sean Lamberth and Paul Elliott felt that the composers whose music rocked their world had been hidden in the shadows way too long, so together, they made a wonderful new documentary called The Library Music Film. It highlights the composers, musicians, fans and record labels that were part of the golden age of library music. In their world, Jerry Goldsmith and Lalo Schifrin give way to Keith Mansfield, John Cameron and Alan Hawkshaw. If those names don’t come to your mind, their music is more than likely lodged in it.


Bernard, Tim and I were ecstatic to have director Paul Elliott join us to talk about the making of his film, library musicians, the fans and crate diggers who have played a large part in preserving the music and giving credit to the people who’d worked anonymously for years. We had a great old time putting names to tunes that had appeared in sports, comedy, kids and crime shows as well as a ton of other things (hip hop DJs have been sampling much of this music for years).


A huge thanks to Paul for his time (and solving a 40 year old mystery for me).


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The limited edition soundtrack pressing is sold out, but the film is available on DVD from

To dip your toe in the water, we’d also recommend a record or CD called Unusual Sounds on Anthology Recordings.

Keep an eye on the film’s Facebook page to see if there will be a screening in your town – it’s definitely worth our time. (


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