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See Hear Podcast Episode 59 - Interview with Allan Arkush

December 26, 2018 @ 5:36 am

As See Hear closes off it's fifth year of existence, we present a corker of an episode for you (if we do say so). 

Back in May 2017, we had a fine old time discussing one of the greatest films about sticking the finger to authority, Rock And Roll High School. Now, we finally get the opportunity to speak to its director, Allan Arkush.

Allan has directed a wealth of films and TV shows....but we invited him on to talk about his favourite rock and roll films, as well as his time working at the Fillmore East, the bands he loves, his own rock music films and TV (R&RHS, Get Crazy, The Temptations, Shake Rattle & Rock, Fame), and Trailers From Hell. Unfortunately, Bernard was ill and couldn't join us (get better soon, Bernie), but Tim and myself held up the fort and were enthralled to listen to Allan's stories of his musical life and the films he is passionate about yep...we're unashamed fanboys). A HUGE thanks to Allan for being so generous with his time and the enthusiasm he gave.

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