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See Hear Podcast episode 58 - Interview with Jordan Albertsen, director of “Boom: A Film About The Sonics”

November 20, 2018 @ 6:47 am

When most people think of the sixties from a musical perspective, there’s a number of bands that keep popping up ubiquitously. There were thousands of bands that may have had a regional hit or two, but had little impact at any further level. Lenny Kaye’s Nuggets release in the early 70s made an attempt to anthologise a number of the garage bands, and there have been many more that have done fine work to bring some great, but forgotten music from this era to music fans’ attention.

Film director Jordan Albertsen has taken it one step further.

Welcome to episode 58 of See Hear Podcast.

Bernard and Maurice invited Jordan to discuss his 2018 documentary about a band that put frenzy into sixties rock and roll, The Sonics. They were originally out of Tacoma in Washington. They had regional hits with The Witch, Psycho and Strychnine, but were largely unknown outside of Washington. The documentary not only brings their history into focus, but also reveals why they had an unknown (to them) fanbase in Europe, the modern musicians who are huge fans (and adopted their style in their own work), and the reunion of the late noughts.

Jordan talks about the band, parental connections, grunge, the power of music, and the issues of an independent film-maker making a passion project. We are so grateful for his time and recommend you search out the film, currently at a film festival near you, or keep an eye out for its distribution to a streaming platform in 2019.

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