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See Hear Podcast episode 55 - Interview with Michael Grodner, director of The Icarus Line Must Die

August 22, 2018 @ 5:59 am



Many of us have an ambition to grow older with our sanity intact....doing it gracefully is often the antithesis of what's expected of a rock musician.


For See Hear podcast episode 55, Bernie, Tim and Maurice invited Michael Grodner onto the show for a conversation. Michael is the director of 2017 film, The Icarus Line Must Die. The story focuses around real life musician Joe Cardamone. He was the lead singer and creative force behind LA post-punk band, The Icarus Line. Joe is now at the “ripe old age” of 37. He is still unsuccessfully trying to get labels to listen to his band, but he's also dealing with a very supportive yet concerned fiance' who needs him to earn some money for them to put food on the table, band members quitting, spoiled rich kids wasting his studio time, fatally ill friends.....oh, did I mention there's a psychopath sending Joe anonymous death threats? Another exciting day in the life of a rock musician!!!!


The See Hear crew speak with Michael about the LA punk scene, working with non-actors, the nature of success, the inspiration of Jim Jarmusch, and laundromats. We're extremely grateful that Michael gave so willingly of his time to speak about his work. We highly recommend you search out The Icarus Line Must Die.


You can stream The Icarus Line Must Die on iTunes and Amazon in the out for it in other places soon.


Huge thanks to Mike White of The Projection Booth for the recommendation and to Karen Oberman for arranging the interview.


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