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See Hear Podcast Episode 51 - The Devil And Daniel Johnston

April 23, 2018 @ 3:10 am

Hi, how are you? See Hear episode 51 is available for your earholes.



Bernard was unavailable to join us, but Tim and I were really thrilled to have fantastic film blogger Kerry Fristoe join us to discuss Jeff Feurzeig’s 2006 documentary, The Devil and Daniel Johnston.



Daniel Johnston’s story has so many facets to it. Prolific songwriter, artist, musician, DIY promoter of his work…..sufferer of bipolar disorder and manic depression, obsession with an unobtainable muse, deep religious convictions who feared Satan was after him. On top of that, he faced the pressure of someone in the spotlight after celebrity endorsement – a frightening prospect for anyone, never mind a fragile character like Daniel.



The film somehow manages to provide a well-rounded picture in under two hours about who Johnston is. It doesn’t paint him as a saint, nor is it emotionally manipulative. He could be honest and endearing, but he was capable of selfish and frightening acts as well. Jeff Feurzeig gives us an objective account like a true investigative journalist would about a man devoted to his art who struggled with his mental health – a well rounded account of both aspects and more is provided in this film.



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