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See Hear Podcast episode 50 - The Doors

March 20, 2018 @ 5:38 am

It’s 1991. The Western world has been going through a 1960s music nostalgia revival over the previous decade and a very strong Doors revival in particular. It seemed like a good time for Oliver Stone to make a biopic about Jim Morrison.



Welcome to episode 50 of See Hear podcast. We celebrate this small milestone (which took us a little over 4 years to get to) by talking about both Oliver Stone’s film and the band that it is based on.



We discuss narcissism, historical accuracy versus dramatic license, bad poetry, Ed Sullivan, the perfect storm that was the musical stylings of Densmore, Kreiger and Manzarek, and the similarity between something Jim Morrison allegedly did in Florida with something GG Allin definitely did….discussed waaaaaayyyyy back in episode 1 of See Hear.



On the occasion of our 50th episode, we do about 10 seconds of reflection. If you’ve been listening to the show right from the beginning, thank you….we love you madly (see what I did there????) If you’re recently on board, welcome and please check out the archives.



When the show is over….turn out the light….turn out the light.



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