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See Hear Podcast Episode 48 - The American Astronaut

January 27, 2018 @ 6:57 pm

See Hear is ready to start the new year with a musical sci-fi road film….but nothing like Hope / Crosby / Lamour films.


Bernard, Tim and Maurice are once again joined by Mike White of The Projection Booth to talk about Cory Mcabee’s feature film debut from 2001, The American Astronaut. It’s all too easy to describe this film as a mashup of styles (usually starting with “David Lynch meets….”). The truth is Cory Mcabee has come up with something unique while acknowledging films he obviously loves. The narrative covers Sam Curtis – delivery man for hire who has to make a series of trades before he can collect a reward. All the while he has a nemesis chasing him around the universe waiting to forgive him…so he can kill him….. and people burst into song. Sounds straightforward? It ain’t, and yet it is. The story is very accessible, but the devil is in the details.


The crew had a fun time with this film and we thank Mike requesting it be covered and joining us to discuss it.


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