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See Hear Podcast Episode 46- - Streets of Fire (with special guest Steve Berlin)

November 28, 2017 @ 5:11 am

Do you like wearing leather overalls?

Do you know what it means to be young tonight?

Have you ever blown up a motorcycle by shooting a cap gun at it?

Are you a one man stud?

Have you ever been in a sledgehammer fight?

If you answered yes, no, maybe or “outta my way, stupid” to these questions, then See Hear episode 46 is for YOU.

Tim, Maurice, Bernard welcome the hugely enthusiastic Lily Sockmonkey (although she’s Janine to her non-film friends) to her podcasting debut to talk about Walter Hill’s 1984 film, Streets of Fire.

Ellen Aim is a rockstar kidnapped mid-concert by a biker gang in a (might as well be) lawless era that is caught in a time warp between the 1950s and the 1980s. Her ex-boyfriend is joined by a soldier of fortune and Ellen’s current wet (Billy) fish boyfriend to rescue her from the clutches of the gang led by a sociopath.

The See Hear crew discuss the acting, film parallels, Walter Hill, two Beatle connections, bombastic musical excess, Flashdance, and The Blasters.

Speaking of The Blasters, the show also features an interview with their ex-saxophone player, Steve Berlin (currently playing for Los Lobos). He chats about his recollections of working on the film set during one crucial scene. Huge thanks to Steve for his time.

Many thanks also to Lily for joining us and getting into the spirit of the conversation for her requested film.

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