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See Hear podcast Episode 45 - Interview with Matt Schrader, director of “Score: A Film Music Documentary”

October 21, 2017 @ 5:43 pm

Welcome to See Hear 45.

We all love movies and we all love music in movies (it’s partly why you listen to this podcast, right?) Film scores can be bold and bombastic or quiet and subtle. Either way it’s a strong part of the film watching experience.

It seems crazy that until 2017, there hasn’t been a major documentary (that we’re aware of) dedicated to the art of film composition and the people who devote their lives to emotionally manipulating you more than what you actually see on-screen via their music.

Matt Schrader is the director of a great new documentary called “Score: A Film Music Documentary” that looks into the process of film score composition, how it’s evolved, interviews with a number of its current practitioners, and the psychology behind how viewers perceive the on-screen action when music is playing (sex, chocolate and music all produce the same rush in your brain, apparently). Bernard, Tim and Maurice were very excited to have Matt come onto the podcast and discuss making the film and his own love of scores.

We all wished this could be a 10 part HBO series, but Matt packs a lot into its 90 minute running time. We at See Hear HQ highly recommend it and thank Matt for giving us his time.

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