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See Hear Podcast episode 43 - We Are The Best!

August 20, 2017 @ 11:19 pm

We Are The Best! We Are The Best!

No it's not the See Hear theme song. It's the name of this month's film under discussion.

Can you imagine two grown men talking about a film on which the plot revolves around three teenage girls forming a punk band and only one of them has any musical chops? Imagine no further because Maurice is joined by Hank Hellman to do just that. The notions of friendship, being an outsider, sticking it to parents (not always deservedly) and chocolate ice cream are all universal themes, so the gents qualify to discuss Lukas Moodyson's 2013 film based on a graphic novel by his wife Coco.

The film is funny, honest, scattered, and most importantly realistic. This is not a Steven Spielberg tale of growing up and "learning something" in the dying moments. It's about 3 friends having fun, getting jealous, not always doing the right thing by each other, and standing up for themselves in small ordinary know....real life!!!!

Bernie and Tim were not available since they were practising in their Stiff Little Fingers tribute band. They will return next month to much applause. The crew want to thank Hank for once again coming onto the show and bringing the film discussion thunder. Our door is always open to you, Hank.

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