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See Hear Podcast Episode 42 - The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash

June 24, 2017 @ 4:33 am


Time to put your cup of tea to one side, pull up your trousers and return to the wonderful era in an alternate universe when Rutlemania ruled.

The film selection for See Hear episode 42 was requested by Barry Knobel, “The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash” released in 1978. The film is (very probably) the first ever mockumentary about the Pre-Fab Four. Monty Python member Eric Idle along with ex Bonzo Dog member Neil Innes devised a TV show sketch featuring a band from another dimension where the more famous Liverpudlians don’t exist. Gary Weis of Saturday Night Live offered Idle the opportunity to give the characters a fully blown film. Wisely, it was made to look like a documentary rather than a narrative piece.

Tim, Bernard and Maurice are joined by Rutle fan (and story editor for another of our favourite films, Good Vibrations) Colin McKeown. We discuss the art of parody on one band vs parody of a musical culture, American vs British comedy, Pythons, SNL, attention to detail, song parody, and the disgrace that is tea consumption.

We are hugely grateful that Colin took the time to join us. He’s hugely passionate about music and films, so he’s good folks in our books. He also tells us what he’s done in film and what his next very exciting film project is……one that will definitely be of interest to See Hear listeners. We hope this is the first of many appearances on See Hear for Colin.

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