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See Hear Podcast Episode 38 - Payday

February 21, 2017 @ 3:07 am

It’s time for See Hear podcast episode 38.


What do you get when you have a narcissist keeping everyone in his immediate circle in a powerless state because no one feels they can tell the emperor he’s behaving woefully?


Wrong answer… (well….right answer but not in this context). You have the 1972 cinema debut from Daryl Duke called Payday. Rip Torn plays Maury Dann, a regionally popular touring country singer. He’s never hit the Johnny Cash level of popularity, but he’s a king in his own mind and will throw those closest to him under the bus if it satisfies his requirements. The film covers a couple of days in the life….and it ain’t pretty.


Bernie, Tim and Maurice discuss this hidden seventies gem. The characters in this film are all three dimensional. Rip Torn brings some serious acting chops as he lays out the charisma and the nastiness in Maury Dann. The film is a downbeat, gritty look at life on the road for this manipulative man-child who is not out for any sort of redemption.


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