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See Hear Podcast episode 37 - American Pop

January 26, 2017 @ 5:48 am

See Hear podcast begins its fourth year with the discussion of an animated work from a revered observer of counter culture in the seventies, Ralph Bakshi.


In 1981 he released American Pop. It’s a film about four generations of a family originally migrated to America to escape Tsarist Russia. The son of each generation finds his own link to music, but at great cost. It’s about parallels to American music and history in the twentieth century. It’s about family lineage and how each generation is distant from the values of the previous one while still finding common ground.


On episode 37, Tim, Bernard and Maurice discuss how successfully a 90 minute film can achieve in telling a story scoped over a 60 year period. They discuss the look of the animation compared to other American animation of the period. Does the film successfully achieve what it set out to do? Tune in for their thoughts on the subject.


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