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See Hear Podcast episode 35 - Rock Star

November 21, 2016 @ 4:11 pm

Time to get out your cans of V05, the Max Factor mascara, and tune into See Hear Podcast.

For episode 35, Bernard, Tim and Maurice discussed 2001’s “Rock Star” starring Marky-Mark Wahlberg (and his metal bunch) and Jennifer Anniston. Set in the eighties (of course), Wahlberg stars as a singer in a hair metal tribute band, and then finds himself becoming the lead singer of the real band he’s paying tribute to. He’s living the dream……or is he??????

The crew discuss the Hollywood definition of danger, American film maker’s perceptions of the English, the film’s attempt at subtext, machismo with lipstick, where this film compares to other movies about bands, is hair metal real metal, and of course…..following your dreeeeeaaaammmmm. We wonder if John Waters had not already done so, should this film have been called Hairspray?

As per usual, the crew had a blast raising our hands and banging our heads. Put away your Ratt records for an hour, and give the show a listen.

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