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See Hear Podcast episode 29 - Catch My Soul

June 21, 2016 @ 7:14 pm

Welcome to episode 29 of See Hear Podcast.

Our beloved Bernard was suffering the effects of the summer flu and was too croaky and sneezy to partake, but Tim and Maurice soldiered on joined by Robert Hubbard to discuss a rock opera from 1974 called Catch My Soul.

Not for the first time is the story of Othello discussed on the podcast. Catch My Soul debuted as a stage show in Los Angeles, before finding life on the stage in England. The setting of the story and the songs evolved reflecting real-world events. In 1974, the popularity of the rock opera allowed Catch My Soul to be financed for film without too much issue….and then sank without trace. Producer Jack Good supposedly tampered with the film after Patrick McGoohan had approved a final cut following a life revelation. To say there is a lot of interesting history associated with this film would be mild.

Tim, Robert and Maurice discuss the origins of the show, its original cast members, its transfer to (and quick disappearance from) the big screen, and the rediscovery of a print in the back of a semi-trailer on a farm in Carolina.

The film was trashed in its day. Is it possible that a film with Tony Joe White, Richie Havens and Susan Tyrell could be a bomb, or is it a masterpiece that 1974 film critics didn’t understand? We at See Hear HQ like to think we have the final word on this film….until someone else puts forth an opinion. Tune in and find out.The film is now available through Etiquette Pictures.

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