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See Hear podcast Episode 26 - Color Me Obsessed - A Film About The Replacements

March 22, 2016 @ 4:31 pm

Episode 26 of See Hear is available for your earholes. It’s the final of our 2015 listener requests. The fact that it’s 2016 shows we’re a bit disorganised, but as Bernie suggested, that’s fitting with the subject matter.

Eric Reanimator requested we watch and discuss Color Me Obsessed: A Film About The Replacements, directed by Gorman Bechard and released in 2011. It’s a documentary about the beloved 80s punk / pop band from Minneapolis. It uses the common documentary trope of the “talking head”perspective, but unlike many other documentaries (music or otherwise) this is all it does. There is no Replacements archival footage, nor any interviews with the band. There are producers, peers and fans all giving their stories of gigs witnessed, tutus, trashcans, favourite albums, and teen angst.

Bernard, Tim and Maurice discuss whether this approach to the subject matter actually helps or hinders in appreciating who the Replacements were. There is a lot of digression from talk of the actual film to discussing what we believe the role of a documentary actually is, and what our favourite Replacements albums are. There will be a certain irony about our discussion which will become apparent as we go into the episode – listen and work it out.

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