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See Hear Podcast Episode 23 - Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park (redux)

December 22, 2015 @ 1:32 am

Time to get your facepaint on, dig out the platform shoes and fake chest hair, and arm yourself with your love gun…..Yep, the See Hear crew are back to discuss the Hanna-Barbera production, KISS Meets The Phantom of the Park.


Bernard, Tim, and Maurice are privileged to be joined by Mike White of the brilliant Projection Booth podcast to talk about the cultural phenomenon that was KISS in the 1970s. What does any self-respecting pop culture icon do? Why, make a quick cash-in film, of course!!!! Is this film in the same league as A Hard Day’s Night? Ummmm……..not exactly….


The film is set in an amusement park where KISS are going to perform a series of concerts, but they are at the mercy of a mad scientist (do films have any other kind?) who clones KISS to….ummmm…..take over the amusement park.


As well as the film, we talk about KISS as a band, Paul Stanley’s delightful concert banter, and how would they have fared if they’d never put on the makeup and cod-pieces at the start. We find connections to the Marx Brothers, Spinal Tap, and Gilbert Gottfried’s favourite Vincent Price movie (att: Frank Santopadre). Tune in and find out how we weave it all in.


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Our huge thanks to Mike White for suggesting the film and joining us for this episode. If you haven’t checked out The Projection Booth, rectify that  situation IMMEDIATELY. Download episodes from


Also, huge thanks go out to Rhys Lett of the local Kiss tribute act Dressed To Chill. As you may deduce from the name, they do acoustic lounge versions of Kiss songs. He has kindly allowed us to play their version of C’mon and Love Me, which we play as the show’s outro. If you need music lessons and live in Melbourne, check out Rhys’ school Eastern Suburbs School of Music at

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