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See Hear Podcast Episode 22 - Space Is The Place

November 20, 2015 @ 1:27 am

It’s time for episode 22 of See Hear podcast.

How does music affect you? Are you one of those people who says that great music can transport you to another place? Jazz musician Sun Ra felt the same thing, but he meant it a little more literally than most.

In this episode of the podcast, Tim, Bernie and Maurice discuss important issues such as isotope teleportation, transmolecuralisation, and teleporting people from Earth to Saturn via music. Well….they actually discuss the film released in 1974 written by and starring Sun Ra called “Space Is The Place”. Ra was certainly out there with his beliefs that he was born on Saturn and descended from the Egyptian sun god, Ra. On the other hand, he was extremely articulate, very well read and philosophically rational Oh….and he was a true jazz pioneer.

The film is a mix of the power of music, blaxploitation and science fiction as Sun Ra battles the evil Overseer for the right to transport the Afro-American community from Earth to another planet when he determines the earth is doomed. He will do this via the power of music. Sounds crazy? Yep…..and yet, nope. The See Hear trio see all sorts of film, literature and music precedents for this film, and also point out who took on Sun Ra’s legacy. We hope you find it a thought provoking discussion.

So, if you find earth boring, just the same old same thing, come on jump on board the good space ship See Hear for a trip to the outer recesses of the mind and the universe.

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