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See Hear Podcast Episode 17 - Black Roses

May 19, 2015 @ 2:39 am

Get your rubber Satanic masks on and join Wendi, Tim, Bernard and Maurice for episode 17 of See Hear podcast. This month we discuss the heavy metal horror that is John Fassano’s 1987 film “Black Roses”.

A demonic band called Black Roses comes to small town Canada to corrupt the (thirty year old) teenagers with their evil hair metal ways. Only the moustached Walt Whitman-loving English teacher knows that something is wrong, and sets out to subvert the bands plans to bring hell to Mill Basin. Will he save the kids? Will the law-abiding church-going parents convince their kids that if they HAVE to listen to hair metal Stryper is a better option? Was this film a front for the PMRC?

The See Hear crew discuss how Stanley Kubrick influenced this film, what the most gratuitous scene in the history of cinema is (dig that, GGTMC), Rod Stewart, bricklayers from Newcastle and Wonder Woman shaped bubble bath containers…..and we even come up with a new insult to brow beat your enemies into submission with.

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