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The whole crew of See Hear are back for episode 7.

Wendi has picked the 2007 rock bio-pic parody “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story” starring the great John C.Reilly for us to watch. Taking cues at first from films like “Walk The Line” and “Ray”, it takes aim at many of the clichés of other biography films and popular conceptions of many iconic musicians in general. Probably another film that this could be mildly compared to is Woody Allen’s “Zelig”. The titular Cox (tee hee…see what I did there?????) is something of a chameleon like Zelig, but in a musical sense.

We had a lot of fun talking about this….but is it any good????? Join Wendi, Tim, Sticky and myself and see what we thought…..and you get to hear Wendi say “Walk Hard” which is worth the price of admission alone, and you also get to hear John Lennon’s mantra while staying with the Mahirishi.

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