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Time for another episode of See Hear podcast - episode 14 to be precise.

Miss Wendi has picked the film for discussion this time. She has selected the Alison Anders directed film from 1997, Grace of My Heart starring Ileana Douglas, Eric Stoltz, Matt Dillon and the always awesome John Turturro. It covers about 12 years in the life of Edna Buxton who has a dream to be a singer and a songwriter in a period when you were one or the other but not both. The film follows her ambitions, disappointments, love life, and song writing ambitions against the backdrop of the Sixties. While the film is fictitious, its characters are based on real life people like Carole King, Brian Wilson, (the late) Lesley Gore, and Phil Spector. The songs specially written for the film come from Joni Mitchell, Redd Kross and most famously Burt Bacharach & Elvis Costello.

The team had a great time discussing the fashions, the hairstyles, the songs, the philandering, whether Carole King married Brian Wilson in an alternate reality, and whether we actually enjoyed the film. Download to hear our thoughts.

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